Leveraging the latest technology to cut through complexities

Introducing pALM

Cloud native platform

Our technology enables the stratification of insurance risk by focusing on the key drivers of valuation. The platform was designed from first principles utilizing policy-level data, to seamlessly navigate through different regulatory and accounting regimes.
pAlM Diagram
The pALM platform is flexible,
leverageable, and scalable.
Flexible hexagon

The platform is extendable to any type of insurance product. These liabilities can be modeled through a variety of valuation frameworks and regulatory environments. pALM also incorporates cutting edge enterprise risk management tools designed to optimize hedging and cost management.


The platform is built using object-oriented programming which can be readily applied to a whole array of complex cash flow streams. The efficiency of the platform and its robust analytical capabilities facilitate, among other outputs, a careful focus on hedging, risk management and what-if scenario analysis.

Leverageable hexagon
Scalable hexagon

The platform is truly optimized to enable both the rapid development and efficient simulation of cash flows. The platform was developed with the latest technology for massively parallel applications in a cloud environment. As such, the pALM engine becomes an analytical enabler given its throughput as compared to available solutions.